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Round 110" White Provence Tablecloth


These extra large round tablecloths are lightly quilted, made of a mix of Cotton & Polyester. 

Create a perfect base or floor-length look to layer with cotton oragnza tablecloths or runners on top.

Machine washable, tumble dry or air dry. Very low maintenance, this fabric blend requires little to no ironing.

A discreet pattern of olive branches and cicadas add dimension to these solid colored tablecloths.

Comes in White, Grey, Orange, Green, Red, Yellow, Taupe. 

Can be used on a round, oval or square table.

110" Diameter, Round. 

Made in France.

No seams.

Try our square Organza tablecloth on top of the White Provence, bright colors  for any occasion! These could be hemstitch  napkins or the same patterns of our beautiful organza tablecloths 

poppies-on-white-snip.png    monet-on-white-snip.png   red-sunflower-on-white-snip.png