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Lavender Blue was created in 1995 by Catherine Giraud, who began importing the finest home accents and accessories from Provence. From tablecloths to lavender filled pillows and sachets, Lavender Blue can bring the time adored style of Provence to your home.

Born and raised in France, Catherine visits her homeland every year searching for the best fabrics with beautiful colors representative of the traditions of Provence. She has built up a network of artisans, fabric designers and artists who deliver unique, custom-made creations. In her collection, you will find Provençal laminated and cotton tablecloths, placemats, boutis, piqués (original high quality, thick cotton table spreads), baskets, soaps, lavender filled pillows, sachets, dishes and even a children's line.

Inspired by Catherine's experience and by her French taste, Lavender Blue offers a style that will bring your home a way of life touched by the colors and sun of Provence.