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Linen Care


The following are guidelines. All orders come with specific care instructions.



Linens that are well looked after will last for years. All our products are treated to control shrinkage. 

A good rule is to treat a stain as quickly as possible to prevent it from hardening as it dries. A little water and soap* are usually enough. Always read the washing symbols on the label.

*We use Savon de Marseille in France (also sold at Lavender Blue).



Always soak in cold water without washing powder before the first use. Soaking in clean water removes the finish on the fabric and prevents stains from adhering to the fabric. Colored fabrics should normally be washed in warm water with a standard washing powder. For stubborn stains, apply a stain remover before washing or simply rub the stain with soap in warm water. Most grease stains disappear with a hotter wash. Avoid the use of fabric softener. 

Do not tumble dry. Spin and hang out to dry. This will insure your linens last longer and do not lose shape. Ironing should be done on the back side with a hot iron and strong steam, ideally when the linen is still slightly damp. 

These instructions do not apply to “coated” tablecloths. 



White tablecloths can be washed in warm or hot water. If necessary, use a special stain remover before washing. For stubborn stains on white tablecloths, bleach can be added to the washing water - Use the specified quantity and never apply directly to the stain. 



Follow these instructions carefully:

    1. Treat stains as soon possible by wiping with a wet sponge on the outer surface
    2. Machine wash in cold or warm water
    3. Never use bleach, softener, solvent or stain remover
    4. If needed, laminated tablecloths can be ironed on the reverse
    5. We do not recommend tumble drying
    6. Do not place a hot pan or dish straight out of the oven directly on the tablecloth 
    7. To preserve coating it is advisable not to leave the tablecloth outdoors  after use