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Choosing Your Tablecloth

You will find here below an indicative guide to help you choose your tablecloth:



When setting a table for a dinner party, cocktail hour, or your next soiree, table linens help set the tone and go a long way toward dressing your dining room. Choosing a table cloth is easy.  Below, we've put together the most frequently asked questions we get in our store helping customers select their table linens

What is the difference between linen and cotton and which should I choose?

Both linen and cotton are natural fibers.  Both fabrics are absorbent, durable, and become softer with use.  Linen fibers are longer than cotton and make table linens feel lighter and smoother.  Linen is also highly absorbent and lint free.  Cotton fibers are shorter than linen making the table linens feel more substantial.
When purchasing tablecloths, linen tablecloths tend to be more expensive than cotton tablecloths and are considered the ultimate choice for formal occasions.

What is Organza?

Our beautiful Cotton Organza voile tablecloths are exclusively made for Lavender Blue, you can't find them anywhere else. Lightweight, you can layer these with different tablecloths underneath to emphasize the colors in the print and play with textures. Can also be used alone draped on your table for a light see-through effect

What is Woven Coated Tablecloth?

Practical for everyday family meals, both very easy to clean and attractive, coated tablecloth are ideal for everyday use, in the kitchen or dining room as well as on a terrace or in a garden. The easy care coated fabric has 2 layers of ecological acrylic coating making it spill proof and stain resistant. Easily wipe clean with a sponge, coated treatment is available for placemats, tablecloths, and aprons. 

Our Woven Coated Tablecloth can be used on both sides, the coated side for casual occasions and the cotton side for more formal occasions.

What is Green Sweet Technology?

Green Sweet stain resistant technology is exclusive to Garnier Thiebaut Tablecloths. It is a patented eco friendly treatment protecting cotton linen against spills and stains without altering the look and the feel of the linens. Green Sweet technology wraps individual cotton fibers with a finish that repels stains and resists abrasion. Made in France, this fine damask fabric is 100% two-ply twisted cotton.

Nanoparticles create a bumpy structured surface on the cotton during the finishing process, which keeps liquids, solids or any kind of dirt from getting a grip on the fabric. Substances easily wipe off or brush away without leaving a stain. The Green Sweet finish on linens makes them longer lasting as well as easy to care for, but the fabric looks and feels the same as untreated fine quality damask woven cloth. Wiping the linens off with a damp sponge or cloth will keep them clean and fresh, but machine washing and drying will not harm their protective function.

Consumers can contribute to improving the environment by using products with Green Sweet technology because they need laundering less frequently, saving water, power and detergent.

What shape tablecloth do I need?

On square or rectangular tables, we suggest a square or rectangular tablecloth.  On round tables, either a round or square tablecloth can be used. On oval tables, we recommend a rectangular tablecloth since there is no standard oval table size. However, in Lavender Blue we offer coated rectangular tablecloth with an oval design.

My table has several leaves, so what size tablecloth do I need?

If your table is extended or shortened often, you will need separate tablecloths fit each size properly.  If you budget it limited, we suggest purchasing the tablecloth that will fit the size used most often.  Another alternative, is to purchase placemats and napkins instead of multiple tablecloths.

How do I store my table linens?

Store table linens clean and dry.  Avoid starching them prior to storage; starch is a food source for bugs that then create holes in the table linens. Starch also yellows as it ages.  Fold table linens gently and store them in a cool, dry, and well ventilated place.  Do not store table linens in plastic bags, basements, attics or garages to prevent large fluctuations in humidity and temperature which can cause deterioration of the fibers