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Coated placemat A la Carte Mille-Fleurs Cotton, Polyester - Pink



À la carte, it's you who chooses! A zesty, neutral, and timeless collection in recycled threads that will bring essential twists and mix-and-match for a joyful and eco-responsible table. Flowers, butterflies, and mineral graphics set your table in complete harmony. Sometimes intense, sometimes pastel... Vibrant colors are unleashed and embraced with this new collection of co

52% cotton, 45% polyester, 3% other fibers, Yarns made from recycled fibers

Concerned about the planet, Le Jacquard Français strives to offer you products that are increasingly respectful of the environment and that can have a second life. We therefore offer products made from recycled material.

Set of 4

19" x 14"

Made in France