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Raffaello Square Tablecloth, 67" x 67"

Was: $320.00
Now: $248.00

Raffaello gets its inspiration from Italy which gives to this tablecloth a very unique composition. The prints on it are as the ones you find in the Italian Palazzios. 

It was in Alsace that the great history of textile printing was written. Even before 1759, when Louis XV issued the decree which allowed its full development from a craft to a prestigious royal industry. In the hollow of a valley, the Manufacture d’Impression sur Etoffes has been refining and perfecting its knowledge of fabric printing for more than two centuries. Uncompromising in the choice of fabrics: the finest cotton yarns are woven into a peach-like satin: an inimitable talent to make the colours shimmer, with sometimes more than twenty nuances in the same design. And constant creativity in the choice of patterns, inviting us to a table which is so much more than just a decorative object.

This  collection is produced entirely in France and since 2009 is proud to display the label «Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant»

67" x 67"

Made in France

100% cotton

Our last one!