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Once Upon Time, Set of 3 Kitchen Towels


An enchanting gift.. a set of 3 kitchen towels around the classical European fairytales featuring:

- Little Red Riding Hood

- Puss in Boots

- The Little Mermaid

Based on three timeless European fairy tales, the towels artfully capture the wondrous magic of childhood. Little Red Riding Hood, The Little Mermaid and Puss in Boots are colorfully woven with the sophisticated design and attention to detail that has made Moutet such beloved weavers. 

The addition of embroidery elevates and enhances each captivating scene: a silvery moon and golden stars sparkle in the night sky above Little Red Riding Hood; the lovely Little Mermaid wears a princess's crown of coral as she dreams of her prince; and a scarlet plume dresses the jaunty hat of the cunning Monsieur Puss.

Neatly offered in an exclusive Moutet gift box, this limited edition, three towel set is a testament to the artistry of the skilled designers and artisanal weavers at Moutet, a lasting tribute to the magic of fairy tales and a beautiful token of the childlike spirit of wonder.



20" x 28"

100% cotton

Made in France