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Handmade Provence Lavender Wand - Small

Was: $37.00
Now: $32.00

These beautiful sweet-smelling wands are created using fresh sprigs of lavender, tied together and bent in half, then tied again. Ribbon is woven in and out of the lavender stems and tied together with a bow. Your wand will keep its perfume for years to come.

It has been a timeless practice to put dried lavender inside closets to keep clothes smelling fresh and moth-free. Stress-relief, deodorizer, soothing headaches… a lavender wand serves all these benefits in a neat, convenient manner

We suggest placing these gorgeous smelling wands in your dresser draw, leaving the smells of Provence. 

These wands a a bit smaller in size then the 10" wands

Handmade Lavender Wand - Made in Provence 

Sold as one lavender wand

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