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Fields Earth Green Sweet



Fields Earth, Feel mother nature in your kitchen
Part of the Green Sweet Collection, this tablecloth is spillproof and stain resistant cotton..
Made in France.

Garnier-Thiebaut is one of the oldest French brand of linen weavers in the Vosges region. Garnier-Thiebaut's damask cotton tablecloths are made in France, using 100% two-ply twisted cotton, mercerized for long life and durability of the product

.Made in France by one of the oldest manufacturers in France. The easy care linen uses threads that have been treated before the weaving process, making the fabric stain and wrinkle resistant, which means less frequent ironing to keep your linen beautiful! These elegant table linens resist color degradation from light and laundry.


Placemat  and napkinare sold by set of four. 




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