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A Luxe Gift Set- 60 x 98" Coated Easy Care Tablecloth, La Durance Candle, Set of 6 Napkins, Dishtowel, Lavender Sachet

MSRP: $329.00
(You save $79.00 )

A beautiful gift set for anyone special in your life!

Perfect for Mother's day! Or a care package for someone during this difficult time

Transform your home with French chic accents, each package contains:

- 1 Rectangular 60 x 98" 100% Coated Cotton French Tablecloth. Pick a color at checkout: MAGENTA, SILVER, or GOLD. 

EASY CARE, wipe clean and hardly ever need to run in the wash. Made in France.

It is machine washable, hang dry. ($120 value)

- 1 Set of 6, 100% Cotton Napkins, machine washable. Pick a color at checkout: White, Light Blue or Light Yellow ($74 value)

- 1 Rosie the riveter "We can do it!" 100% Cotton Dishtowel. ($29 value)

- 1 La Durance fragrance candle ( $48 value) (scents are randomly selected and may include: Lavender, Bois Précieux, Ambre, Verbena, Cotton, Fig...) 

- 1 Lavender Filled Provence Sachet ($18 value)


This set is wrapped elegantly for a gift with all prices removed.

The special set is $250 instead of $329, SPECIAL 25% OFF!


Items in package are final sale, cannot be returned or exchanged. We appreciate your support of our family business in this tough time.